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KING ELI KILLS SNL - PICSPAM [06 May 2012|01:42am]


If you didn't see Saturday Night Live tonight, Eli killed it. KILLED it. The monolouge was OK, he had a slight shout out/shot of wife Abby, and it dragged a little after Weekend Update, but he upheld the Manning name as a host well. He's gotten fairly good reviews for his performance.

All photos came from Steph-was-here on Tumblr. They're big, beware if you have a slower connection.

EDIT: Now with Moar Tights!!

this is why we all sing ELI MANNING IS OUR KINGCollapse )
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If any of you are DirectTV subscribers, you must get us this! [04 May 2012|11:04am]


Eli Manning and Deion Sanders in New DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET Spot
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Our King is hosting SNL THIS WEEKEND! [02 May 2012|09:59pm]


Link if the embed doesn't work
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This is relevant to all our interests [24 Feb 2011|09:39am]

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Eli and Peyton Picspam. [21 Sep 2010|04:29pm]

I made a picspam for anyone who wants HQ Eli/Peyton pics. It includes a lot of photos from this year. Hope you like it. :)

@ my journal )
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